Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Specialty Coffee 101 – The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Terms from BeanGenius

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So you’re flirting with specialty coffee, eh? Don’t be shy! We encourage your curiosity.
It usually starts innocently enough. Maybe someone offers you a sip of their single origin pour over… “Single origin?” you think. “Well, of course it’s single origin; who would go to more than one store for a single cup of coffee?” If that didn’t make you chuckle to yourself, read on. This blog is for you.
Overwhelmed by the jargon? Befuddled by the numerous technical specs on a single bag of coffee? Tired of the pressures of holding up the line while you attempt to decode the café menu?
“Did all these folks go to coffee college, or what? Can’t I just get a ‘regular’ cup of coffee?”
Relief is here! We’re here to be your guide through the upgrade from Mr. Coffee to V60, from Maxwell House to Onyx. This is coffee college, and class starts now.
So, pour yourself a coffee and get ready to begin your journey from novice to BeanGenius.

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