Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Best Sex Dice Game Ever from Adam & Eve now 50% off with promo code BABE16

Yah, See & Play –– A Classic Dice Game To Nibble, Kiss, And Rub Your Way To The Ultimate Prize: Hot Sex! 

Includes 3 other games: Lover's Libido, Ultimate Fantasy, Fortune Teller. You get 4 romantic, erotic, sex-filled games in all! 

Based on the popular dice game known to millions, you won't be able to keep your clothes on with this one! Roll dice, see who gets the highest score, then draw a corresponding card to see what your pleasure will be. And that pleasure is going to be HOT. Plus –– you get 3 other games to play, too! 
  • The Best Sex Dice Game Ever
  • Designed for couples play
  • Includes 1 dice cup, 5 sexy dice, 75 activity cards, a 50 page score pad
  • 3 additional games included
  • Games comes in durable 4" x 5.5" x 2" laminated box, stores easily & discreetly
  • Instructions included 
Game Night just took on a new, sexy spin –– or roll! Flip a coin to decide who goes first, then play the Foreplay Round of the game in this order: Kiss, Touch, Lick, Front, Back, Love. Roll dice and play for the corresponding card. 

Card activities range from sweet motions to hot action!

The Best Sex Dice Game Ever is recommended for couples ready to spice up the "same-old, same-old" doldrums with a fun evening at home.

Order the "Best Sex Dice Game" today and get 50% off your purchase PLUS TEN FREE GIFTS when using our promo code BABE16 at checkout!

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